Illumar is a collaboration between partners in HEALTH and HOUSING. The collaboration brings together over 40+ years of business performance expertise in housing and data and technology experience in health.

Our solution aims to address the common needs of the housing sector and collectively solve the data challenges, creating a data management solution specifically for housing providers.

Working with over 900 housing providers we clearly understand the many data challenges that housing providers face. Our core aspiration was to identify a solution where collaboration was a key ingredient to success. We wanted to create a common data solution that was agnostic to the core housing systems  but would bring together in a unified data layer – a single source of truth.  This would enable organisations, regardless of their core systems, to utilise and deploy rapidly a standard solution, rather than developing costly in-house, bespoke data solutions.

Through our joint venture we have taken this experience and learning from the health sector and created Illumar – A Housing Data Enterprise solution. Dedicated to the housing sector our solutions are aimed at mitigating risk and cost within the housing sector and driving business performance improvement through improved data management.