Housing Customer Service Consultant

£37,000 - £43,000 yearly
  • Omfax Systems Ltd
  • Hybrid
  • Nov 20, 2023
Full time Customer Service

Job Description

This role focuses on supporting existing Keyfax customers who are mainly Housing Associations and some local Councils. Keyfax is used to provide 'right first time' diagnostics for over 811,000 homes in the UK and Ireland via dozens of housing organisations. The Keyfax software suite provides repairs and enquiries diagnostic scripts which help Customer Service Advisors to diagnose tenancy repairs and ASB enquiries. Keyfax also includes tenant self-service modules for repairs and enquiries so that Housing organisations can shift their tenants onto digital self-service channels.

The role is varied but includes upselling and cross-selling to customers, building long term relationships with them, pre and post sales support and consultancy, and occasional training. You'll need to be able to explain and persuade how Keyfax can be used to achieve better outcomes. The Customer Consultant role would suit someone who is familiar with Housing Associations or any social housing organisation and has some understanding of ICT and preferably diagnostic tools.

Reporting to: The Technical Relationship Manager

Business Development

Sales - Handling Inbound Existing Customer Enquiries

This is a commercial role. All enquiries from existing customers will be handled by the CSC, so that they can get to know all the customers assigned to them. There is no expectation for the CSC to sell to New Customers, although they may be asked to assist in demos. The reactive part of the role is to take any technical requests from the customer, fully extract their requirements and bring it to the development team. The proactive sales part of the role is to encourage your customers (via Marketing and annual reviews) to:

1. Consider using Keyfax Enquiries if they don’t already.

2. Consider using Keyfax self-service modules, (Enquiries Self-Service & Repairs Self-Service).

3. Persuade the HMS provider to tweak the integration to use Fixzy Assist video and file uploads.

4. Use wordnerds for properly understanding the value of the Keyfax data for ESG and TSM.

5. Buy your consultancy time to build intelligent scripting into their diagnostics.

6. Move away from their on-premise installation onto Omfax hosted Keyfax Cloud SaaS platform.

7. Handle any server moves, database moves or upgrades of the Keyfax software.

Whilst there will be modest financial targets, to encourage focus on bringing in revenue, these are for motivation (there are no performance bonuses). The highest priority of the role is to build good relationships with the customers.

Project Management

A large proportion of the work will be managing IT projects, where the customer wants to upgrade or replace their Keyfax server, migrate to another Housing Management System, or move from on premise to Keyfax SaaS. The customer Service Consultant will manage all stages of these projects from quote through to delivery.

Similarly, when new customers purchase Keyfax, the CSC will be assigned to manage the project:

· Liaising with the customer as their PM and main point of contact through the project

· Planning the initial Keyfax software installation (either on premise or in the cloud)

· Providing customer training in the Keyfax Administration Tool for building diagnostic scripts

· Managing your Omfax technical colleagues to assist in the installation (& integrations)

· Once live, continued account management of the customer to nurture, advise and assist.

Similarly, any projects that you sell to your own customers from your own business development efforts above, you will manage to the same high level and keep the customers happy.

Marketing & Commercial

Attending appropriate shows & exhibitions

In order to build relationships and network with the right people, the CSC will need to attend shows and exhibitions either as an attendee, or possibly as an exhibitor, as appropriate.

Building online videos of demos

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more customers will be working from home and face to face demos will need to be complemented (or replaced) by some great online resources. So the CSC will need to work with the team to agree content of and present online videos of the features and USPs of the Keyfax products, as well as new product features.

Maintaining complete & active LinkedIn profile

The aim of the CSC is to build trust and rapport. Professionally there is no better way to do this than with LinkedIn. So maintaining a complete and active profile, with sharing of Omfax and others relevant content will be required.

Contribute to blogs with best practice advice

The CSC can help potential customers and demonstrate their thought leadership through blog writing. After identifying the right topics and audiences the CSC will be expected to deliver six blog posts each year.

Building Contact Campaigns

The CSC is expected to plan campaigns that drive interest and sales into the customer base. These contact campaigns should ensure that all customers are contacted regularly (at least once a quarter) and that a complete cross-section of staff, including repairs, IT and customer service are included.

Developing online webinars to drive interest.

The CSC will be responsible for promoting Omfax services to the existing customer base. Delivering online webinars on topics of interest to our audience is a great way to do this. Quarterly webinars would be a good target. This can be synchronised with new product releases to highlight new features. Webinars can also highlight the best features and USPs of Keyfax which the CSC will be responsible for. It is the aim of the CSC to become the customers trusted advisor, through building multiple close relationships with the customers.

Technical Liaison

Technical Training - Building & Maintaining face to face (and online) training courses.

This will be a joint responsibility with other colleagues in the commercial team, so that the best possible training can be delivered remotely from your desktop (for typically 2 to 4 attendees at a time). Keeping the Keyfax Administrator Tools training up to date and delivering the course to new and existing customers.

Liaise with clients IT, internal Developers and technicians and HMS providers for projects.

Whilst it is not a requirement for the CSC to have a deep technical understanding, as your technical colleagues will be available to help, they will be expected to become more familiar with the technical side of the product. The CSC is expected to have enough understanding to be able to discuss the network environment and software requirements with customers. They also need to be able to have similar conversations with technical colleagues and the Housing Management System IT providers. Training will be available if needed.

Help prospects understand Keyfax tech set up

Whilst the Touch-Base technicians will maintain the configurations and network diagrams, the CSC is expected to be able to discuss the technical side confidently with the customer, and their IT providers.

Gather business & technical requirements for proposals

A key part to providing the correct and best matched solution is gathering all the requirements from the customer. The CSC will be expected to identify both the technical requirements in terms of hosting or on-premise solutions, as well as what the customer hopes to achieve through Keyfax and intelligent scripting. They should be thorough in specifying what the best possible Keyfax configuration would be.

Assist with testing of new product releases

To keep abreast of the very latest developments in the product there is no better way than using it. So being part of the testing team for new releases is a requirement for the CSC too.

Handle Technical Support Calls

Using their technical understanding of the product and its configuration, the CSC is expected to help out with support calls from time to time, and act as first line support for any diagnostic scripting questions, as necessary.

Administration & Reporting

Provide regular monthly reports on KPIs

Each month a report on the state of the existing customer sales pipeline, as well as any currently running projects and standard activity KPIs will be produced by the CSC. To keep the revenue of the business on target, the CSC will be regularly hitting those agreed KPIs.

Maintain up to date project records in Trello

Omfax use Trello and CRM systems to maintain an up-to-the-minute snapshot of each project and customer relationship. The CSC will need to be meticulous in maintaining up to date records.

Application Deadline

Dec 22, 2023