Delivery Manager - IT

£46,920 yearly
  • Valleys to Coast
  • Remote
  • Aug 26, 2020
Full time Data Analysis/ Management Information Technology

Job Description

Working hours: 37 hours per week

Duration: Permanent

What’s the role?

To help Valleys to Coast provide homes where people feel happy and safe and achieve our ambition of being a modern, well run organisation that is defined by its amazing customer service.

You will make sure that all services are supported to continuously improve and that all projects and programmes are well managed.

What will I have to do?

Lead on the delivery of projects and service improvements:

  • Work with leadership team to determine priorities and set project level KPIs / OKRs
  • Contribute to development of strategy into workable projects, allocating resources and ensuring team capacity to enable successful delivery throughout the entire lifecycle of the project or service.
  • Take a consistent and ongoing approach to planning, forecasting, estimating, managing uncertainty, metrics and measurements, contingency planning and road mapping.
  • Ensure that decisions and plans are evidence based, always keeping user needs at the centre of decision making and delivering value for money.
  • Devise and implement ways to reflect on and capture learning to drive continuous improvement.
  • Communicate the intent, effort and achievement of projects and service improvements to share learning and inspire others.

Act as an enabler for project teams:

  • Lead a positive working environment for project teams, in which they are empowered to succeed.
  • Maintain the pace of delivery and manage the relationships between different people within and across teams.
  • Assist teams in breaking down large problems into smaller time bound units of delivery.
  • Challenge and suggest solutions for organisational processes where they impact the pace of the team.

Develop and implement good practice systems, processes and governance:

  • Continually review and refine delivery systems and processes within project teams.
  • Proactively plan, forecast, estimate and manage uncertainty, risk, contingency planning and pace, while defining and collecting the best metrics to understand the capacity of the team and to identify potential delivery issues early.
  • Engage with and influence internal and external stakeholders to shape the agenda for delivery as a whole.

Maintain and develop expertise:

  • Lead on a range of Agile and Lean tools and techniques, as well as more traditional project management approaches.
  • Coach and mentor colleagues and act as a central point of expertise and consultancy where needed.
  • Actively participate in professional communities to refine and develop standards, working practices and sharing of knowledge and understanding.

What do I need to be successful?

  • Be skilled and experienced in a range of Agile and Lean tools and techniques, as well as more traditional project management approaches. Be able to coach others in these skills.
  • Know how to select the right tools and techniques to reach a given objective and be skilled in iterating working practices to achieve effective delivery.
  • Action orientated, with sound judgement identifying issues and putting forward solutions.
  • Know how to communicate effectively across organisational and technical boundaries, understanding the context:
    • able to engage with and influence senior internal stakeholders to shape the agenda for delivery as a whole, supporting others to learn and adopt a user-centred mind-set.
    • communicate plans, planning assumptions and progress to a range of stakeholders.
    • advocate and communicate what a team does to create trust and authenticity.
    • successfully react and respond to challenge.
  • Be adept at navigating an organisation to remove blockers that impede delivery.
  • Be able to cultivate good team dynamics and collaboration and build successful delivery teams:
    • understand team styles and how people work together
    • give and receive feedback, facilitating the feedback loop
    • facilitate conflict resolution
    • maintain delivery momentum, setting a challenging but achievable pace
    • ensure that the team works in a transparent way and that the work is understood externally.
  • Be able to keep an eye on the bigger picture while understanding the detail of the teams’ work. Be willing to pitch in to help with project tasks when necessary.
  • Be skilled at managing risks and dependencies.
  • Have a good grasp of commercial management:
    • Working effectively with and managing external suppliers
    • Supporting effective budget management within the constraints of the project.
    • Monitoring projected budgets against expenditure.
  • Have a keen interest in technology, keeping an eye on emerging technology and how it might impact the business and our customers.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continued learning and development.

How will I evidence my success? I will…

  • Get feedback from my customers, peers and manager about my effectiveness and about how I work
  • Demonstrate, evidence and quantify the benefits of service improvements I have delivered with tangible results that show success
  • Manage and coordinate progress and performance reporting of the Valleys to Coast change portfolio to the Programme Board
  • Successfully meet the KPIs and objectives agreed for myself and my team
  • Demonstrate my active participation in Valleys to Coast company life.

Application Deadline

Sep 21, 2020