Article Submission Guidelines

Please read the guidelines below carefully before writing and submitting an article.

Our Goal

All our articles are aimed at sharing information and knowledge to advise and improve people’s careers, wellbeing and health at work. Please note that this is not a space for simply promoting or selling products or services. 


We are looking for articles that talk about managing wellbeing at work, work styles, skills and career experiences. These articles must aim to share real experiences and knowledge rather than simply promoting products or services. Any articles which simply promote a service that you or your organisation provide will not be posted. You may promote your service more effectively through real thought leadership and authority on a topic. If you are unsure, you can email us at 


The title of your article is key – it will be what motivates someone to click on your post. Choose an intriguing title that clearly sums up your article – it’s important that readers know exactly what to expect from your post. Some examples include titles that are question-based (‘how does…?’), actionable (‘how to..’), and clear (‘5 ways to…’). 


We do not currently accept submissions with images or logos. Once your article has been submitted and approved, our editor will choose a suitable header image which fits with the overall style of our article feed.

Links and sources 

Your name and company name will appear alongside your article, however please do not include promotional links, email addresses or phone numbers as these will be removed during the editing process. You may include links to independent, recommended third party websites, books and articles (affiliate links will be removed). If you mention any sources, please cite them in your post at the bottom.

Word count

Please try to keep posts to approximately 400-1000 words. 


Try to opt for a conversational tone to make your article more engaging – always be honest and relatable. 


Try to keep your sentences and paragraphs short so your readers aren’t put off by one long block of text. Using bullet points and sub headers will make your article easier to digest.  The editor of our site may make some minor changes to the formatting if necessary.