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Nov 25, 2022
Full time
£38,000 yearly
South Liverpool Homes Hybrid (Liverpool, UK)
You will be responsible for managing the organisations ICT infrastructure, including but not limited to hardware, software, security, network, telephony and the support of Azure IaaS services. Providing support to colleagues, customers and stakeholders on complex and/or escalated technical issues. You will lead on the delivery of infrastructure projects as directed by the Head of ICT keeping up to date with developments in technology and ICT strategy to support the effective delivery of the organisations ICT services.
Nov 23, 2022
£30,158 yearly
Midland Heart Hybrid (Bath Row, Birmingham, UK)
Due to a recent promotion, we’ve a great opportunity for a Performance Information Officer to join us, who understands the importance of robust business performance data reporting in informing decision making, supporting us in achieving our ambitious corporate plans. You’ll be producing accurate and reliable daily, weekly and monthly operational business reports which provide insight on outputs and trends relating to the quality and reliability of our service delivery to colleagues across our organisation. Using your keen eye for detail you’ll collate, analyse, interpret and benchmark all feedback about our organisation’s service; using this information to provide evidence of our contractual, regulatory and KPI compliance. Importantly, as we work to continuously improve our services, you’ll work with operational colleagues to agree, develop and track service improvement activities in response to performance information – ensuring that the data and information you provide is...

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