FLS, FAST LEAN SMART, is Europe’s technology leader for field force appointment scheduling and  route optimisation. Our aim is to ensure that our solutions are undisputedly the fastest, leanest, and smartest on the market.

FLS customers include housing repair contractors AXIS Europe, T Brown and Aspect Maintenance, and DLO's ranging in size right through to Vonovia, Germany's largest residential property owner with 220,000 houses and flats. 

We are an advanced scheduling upgrade for your D365 or ROCC system (or other) and will prove free of charge that with FLS you will attend appointments sooner, reduce travel time by at least 25%, increase productivity and cut costs.

HomeServe IT Director says “A lot of the scheduling tools we looked at were just about filling white space. In other words, finding gaps in people’s diaries to fit in appointments. We wanted a more dynamic tool, one that could continuously optimise, looking at every appointment and every field worker collectively and scheduling everything in the most optimal way. The providers we talked to said, ‘We can’t really do that, but we know a solution that can: the one offered by FAST LEAN SMART’.”