MIS Active Management Systems Ltd.

MIS Active Management Systems Ltd have been providing integrated housing management solutions for over 35 years. MIS Active Management Systems have grown steadily and consistently since the business started and now employ over 60 staff. The company is financially strong, but, as an independent business, MIS is not accountable to the stock market, venture capitalists or UK or overseas investors. This means that MIS’s focus is solely on satisfying its customers. All development is completed in-house in the UK and MIS is proud of its high staff and customer retention rates, and excellent customer satisfaction ratings. In a recent survey of customers at our User Conference, 100% of MIS-AMS’s customers said that they would be happy to recommend the company. 

Our customers range in size from under 100 assets to over 67,000 assets and we are recognised for our excellence in software development and customer services. Having supplied private and public landlords, housing associations and local councils across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, our extensive knowledge of the housing sector is unsurpassed.