Coastal Housing Group

Who are Coastal?

Coastal Housing Group is one of Wales' leading housing associations. We pride ourselves on the quality of the homes we offer, regeneration of the areas in which we operate and the excellent standards of service we provide.

Coastal delivers one of the largest housing development programmes in Wales and is considered to be the leader in housing and community regeneration. Consistently recognised as a successful and innovative regeneration partner in Wales

You know what we do, but how does it actually feel to work here? Our staff members care as much about each other as doing the right thing by our residents and stakeholders. We are open – in terms of our values, and even our physical work spaces. Our execs don’t sit in offices, we all work together. Diverse teams being able to interact freely makes working here a creative, and sometimes unconventional experience – but a greatly rewarding one if you are as outgoing as us. To champion regeneration, prosperity and our communities as a whole we need you to be bold, compassionate and focused on the details that make services we provide exceptional.