Orbit Housing

Orbit was established in 1967 by two people on a park bench contemplating how to tackle homelessness. The passion they felt about the inequality in the access, scale and quality of available housing was channelled into positive action, and Orbit was created.

Our purpose today is every bit as important as it was when Orbit was founded. We now manage around 45,000 affordable homes in in the Midlands, East and South East of England, and build around 1,500 new affordable homes every year.

Today, over 100,000 people live in an Orbit home and our aim is to ensure the homes we provide and the places we create are good quality, affordable and safe. We are proud to be a commercial organisation with a strong social purpose, enabling us to reinvest our profits to improve the quality of our homes, services and our communities, and the provision of more much needed affordable housing.