Manifest Software Solutions

All the different IT systems used in Housing can seem like a complex jigsaw puzzle. Lots of different pieces. All needing to fit together to complete the picture. Manifest Software Solutions - a joint venture between Manifest IT and Blaze Information Systems - arrived in 2016. Integrating Housing Management with other systems and data using our own propitiatory innovative integration hub application, project management and IT consultancy. Exciting new products, fresh IT solutions and flexible pricing plans. It’s time to make things simpler.

£30,000 - £50,000 yearly
Manifest Software Solutions Home based
Jan 22, 2019
Full time
Manifest Software Solutions have an exciting new position with a unique opportunity to work with a team who are the only dedicated systems integrator within the sector. The role is challenging but we can balance that with the fact you will be working with emerging technologies and vendors like ourselves who deliver solutions our customers are proud of. The use of terms "digital" and "innovative" are well publicised at the moment but genuinely describe what we do every day.  The role is technical consultant which means you will be working with our technical director as well as directly with our customers providing a complete consult, design and build service. In order to fulfil the requirements for this role you will have the following attributes A genuine techy Strong SQL Skills Business Analysis and future visualisation  Communicate at multiple levels with direct customer contact Self-motivated to deliver and exceed expectations Get in touch if you are interested and would like your next role to be vastly different to what you have been used to.