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5 Meditation Apps to Use During the Working Day

5 Meditation Apps to Use During the Working Day

More people than ever are turning to meditation apps to help alleviate the stress and anxiety brought on by the pandemic. A recent report found that four in ten workers’ mental and physical health has worsened since Covid-19 hit. Practicing meditation on a regular basis has many benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, as well as improving focus and concentration. Here are five of the best meditation apps that you can use on a daily basis, specifically during the work week.

1. Breethe

The Breethe app offers meditation for stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. There are lots of features including a full 12-week daily programme to learn how to meditate, hypnotherapy sessions, bedtime visualisations, and curated music playlists for various moods and occasions. There are hundreds of guided meditations including five-minute meditation, building self-esteem, meditation for success, and dealing with pressure.

2. Simple Habit

Simple Habit was created to offer stress relief for busy people. The aim is to commit to meditating for just five minutes a day so that it becomes a routine. The app features guided meditations for specific situations and symptoms. Similarly, their On-the-Go feature teaches you how to quickly calm your nerves during specific situations such as commuting and working.

3. Headspace

One of the most popular meditation apps out there, Headspace offers guided meditation sessions of five, ten or fifteen minutes which is ideal when trying to fit meditation into a busy day at work. They also offer courses on how to deal with stress and anxiety to improve work and productivity.

4. Buddhify

Buddhify specialises in guided meditations for wherever you are. The app is specially designed for busy people with sessions lasting from four minutes all the way through to 30 minutes. It offers a range of meditations with each one designed for a specific situation or mood. There are guided meditations for waking up, work breaks, managing stress, and even a group meditation option that you can experience with your colleagues.

5. Calm

Calm is another well-known meditation app which has lots of features including guided meditations, relaxing sounds (ideal to listen to when you’re working), and mindful walking meditation which is great to do during your lunch break.

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