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Housing Technology's Workplace Wellbeing in Housing Research

Housing Technology's Workplace Wellbeing in Housing Research

We launched Housing Technology Wellbeing earlier this year to give our community the opportunity to share and learn how other organisations are approaching the creation of healthier work cultures. A recent report found that job quality has deteriorated over the last two years and the pandemic has had an even worse impact on people’s mental and physical health. It’s clear now more than ever that employers need to identify the leading causes of stress and improve their methods of supporting their staff.

It is for this reason that we are now planning to explore exactly what professionals in the housing sector require in terms of wellbeing and support by undertaking a focused research study. We will be working with a select number of progressive housing providers in order to improve staff wellbeing at all levels across the UK housing sector.

About our research

Our aim is to explore how we can develop this channel as a useful tool for the sector. The information we gather needs to be drawn from industry professionals to ensure that we build a valuable and information-rich report.

Our approach

We will conduct qualitative research from a number of housing providers. All participants and organisations will be anonymous and names will not be published or identifiable in any way. Research will consist of:

  • Interviews with senior leaders
  • Interviews/focus groups with managers
  • Online focus groups with staff, guaranteeing anonymity for individuals and organisations
  • A desk-based review/collation of any relevant policies
  • Independent research

Benefits of getting involved

Taking part in this research will allow housing providers that take part to reflect on how their organisation is doing in terms of staff wellbeing. Participants have the opportunity to become more involved in the later stages of the study and play a part in shaping the future of good practice in the sector.

Data analysis

Qualitative analysis will be conducted on the findings of this research which we will use to create an insightful report. This report will include a manifesto for change and will be shared with the Housing Technology community.

Register interest

If you’re interested in taking part, please fill in this form and we will be in touch. Please note that there are only a few spaces available as we will be working with a small number of housing providers on this research.