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Wellbeing at Work – We Want to Hear From You

Wellbeing at Work – We Want to Hear From You

A new focus on wellbeing at work

It’s a difficult time for all of us at the moment. Many of us are adapting to working in a new environment and still dealing with the pressures of work amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

Our wellbeing affects every aspect of our lives, including work, which is why we will also be focusing on how to keep healthy here, both physically and mentally, during these trying times.

We will be posting regular articles on wellbeing in the workplace including developing positive working habits, techniques for managing stress and anxiety, interviews with people from various organisations, summaries of recent reports and studies, book reviews and much more.

Get involved

We're also inviting our community to contribute as this is a space, just like our magazine and events, for sharing information and knowledge. If you have any thoughts, experiences or advice on wellbeing at work do get in touch - click here to find out more.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and hope this space will be a valuable resource for you all.

Stay safe. Take care.